Sohoton’s Waters: Amongst the Finest

Amongst the World’s Finest Waters

A six- to eight-hour ride from Davao City will take you to a place uncrowded of tourists, unpenetrated with big establishments but blessed with a wonder of nature so beautiful and pristine one gloomy heart will surely lighten. The place is called Sohoton in Siargao Island near the northeast tip of the bigger Mindanao island, Philippines.

Why go to Sohoton?: While the physique of Sohoton can be compared to places like Palawan, its atmosphere is something to brag about. It offers serenity and quietness which famous island tourist spots usually lack – a perfect moment for someone to relax, meditate and destress from the hullaballoo of the city and life in general.

What to do in Sohoton?: You should go to the Hagukan Cove, an opening found beneath the ocean where you can cross over to enter into a hidden cove. Our tourist guide told us Sohoton got its name there, because you have to sohot or so-hot or so-ot (to swoop) the opening to get in. Inside, the green waters will look like they’re sparkling, mainly because of the enough amount of light playing with the water’s ripples.


You should do these things as well:

  • Dive into the clear waters 15-25 ft deep. In our case, Club Tara, our accommodation, has its own diving board. We took this opportunity to dive as much as we want.
  • Hire a local tourist guide to accompany you in the trip. Ours was named Michelle, who is a really beautiful lady with her sun-kissed skin and hair, brown eyes and fit stature. She’s also really kind, as with most of the people we’ve met here.
  • Thrill yourself in the Bolitas Cave. Bolitas Cave has a particular tunnel enough only for an average human to fit in and pass through. If you’re looking for some adrenaline rush in your entire Sohoton trip, Bolitas cave is the perfect choice.
  • Go island hopping! It seemed that when God rained islands to the earth, this particular area got a lot. So go ahead, hire a boat and hop from island to island. Not to mention that there are islands that are perfect for swimming because of their not so deep water and shores strategically located to avoid the sun’s rays.
  • Take pictures of the entire scenery. There are unlimited places to go and snap that perfect shot (or selfie!) you want.


What to eat?: The place is the reality for that sumptuous and straight-from-the-ocean fresh seafood buffet you dream of. You can order wide arrays of varied seafood delicacies ranging from steamed squids, prawns, shrimps, lobsters, grilled milkfish, malasugue and more. All of that and never a worry of bad fat and calorie!

Tips: Although, it is advisable that you know how to swim, you don’t have to be a really good swimmer to enjoy the deep waters of the place, as there are life vests and life guards to assist you. But for those who can’t, I recommend a little more care and attention – but not too much as to stifle your enjoyment of this nature’s beauty. So go ahead! Go to Sohoton and immerse yourself as much as possible in its majestic waters.

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