Exploring the Exotic Camiguin

Northwest of the Mindanano island, Philippines is the exotic island of Camiguin. Indeed, its geography of four active volcanoes in one island is unmatched anywhere else in Asia. Riding a ferry from the coast of Misamis Oriental, I can only stare at one of its steaming volcanoes, Mt. Hibok-hibok, as the swerving water transport approaches the Port of Benoni, Camiguin. The journey was long, but like any other journeys, it was worth it.

The island of Camiguin is the perfect stop to one looking for a getaway from civilization. There are areas where signal is low so you have no choice but to forget about Twitter and keep that mobile phone away; few people and simple human habitations and roadside cliffs peppered with lofty rainforest-like trees. In fact, I decided to go there along with my sister and her friends not just to travel and create this entry but more so to calm my mind amidst the busy and demanding work of an auditor.

Anyways, our first stop was the Sto. Nino cold spring, with cool and relaxing waters coming out straight from a mountain’s bottom. The moment I submerged my toe in its pure water, the relaxing chill reverberated to my entire body.

Later that day we went to the Sunken Cemetery. Needless to say, the cemetery is covered by meters of oceanic waters with only a huge crucifix emerging above the surface. The place dates back thousands of years ago during the Spanish era around 1500s. A combination of all of that creates the surreal, historic, somehow terrifying yet overall, invigorating feeling. There were foreign tourists snorkeling and watching underwater tombstones when we arrived.

The setting-sun background of the Sunken Cemetery magnifies its surrealism.

The next day we went to one of Camiguin’s famous spots which in my opinion is the iconic symbol of the place, the Camiguin White Island. The treeless, all white sand landform is located in the middle of the sea kilometers away from mainland Camiguin. And to sum up my experience there is the word breathtaking: the fine sand comprised of white rocks and seashells powdered by the coming and going of the rhythmic waves is breathtaking; the sun kissing and slightly burning your skin and then cooled by the breeze as it passes by to blow the hairs of ladies captivated by the view of steaming green volcanoes far away. Breathtaking.

A cheap but delicious local food. 


My snorkeling experience has been fantastic, given the fantastic waters.

Truly, when I came back for work after that trip, I was more ready.

Coming back home with a more positive mood

Make sure to come in Camiguin, too!


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